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Houses in Florida must endure incredibly harsh weather conditions all year-round, including excutriating heat, strong humidity, and tropical storms. High-quality paints and materials stand as one of the most crucial elements in sustaining the durability of the home exterior. 

If you are looking for professional home exterior painting services in St. Augustine, we have you covered!


Whether you love classic hues or vibrant colors, we get to know and understand your taste. We will bring the artistic vision you have for your living spaces to life. Your ideas and specifications the most important component in achieving your perfect look.

Our painters will offer ideas and show you potential color and texture combinations for your home layout, design style, and furniture and decor while taking into account the latest trends in the market.

With our commitment to customer service and comprehensive experience, our skilled team will deliver your dream home aesthetic. At Homeservco, we always strive to help you build a living space that reflects your unique personality and tastes.

As with all of our services, Homeservco’s professional painters will carefully assess your requirements, practice clear and convenient communication, and paint your home interiors with exceptional finesse and efficiency.

We Follow High Standards With Uncompromising Quality

Our extensive industry experience has helped us deliver maximum value to our customers. Our painters use the highest-quality paint products from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams that give your walls and surfaces an attractive finish. We take utmost care at all times to ensure the safety of those in a home as well as all of the decor, furniture, and objects within a house. Furthermore, we can work around your convenience and schedules, so the entire process is convenient, seamless, and stress-free.


We can help you revitalize and enhance your interior spaces, including:

Indoor walls of Living rooms

Bedrooms and bathrooms

Kitchen walls


Baseboards and trim



Entry areas and foyers

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